Spring 2018 Series Announcement

Put that sound UP to rock out.


  • This is for ages 13+. 
    • ​We will be casting according to the ages portrayed in books 5-7.
    • Adults of all ages are encouraged to book - no need to be shy! We plan on casting death eaters and professors.

  • Spots are $125 per person. Payment must be made upon booking. 
    • Families of 3 or more will be $100 per person. This is for immediate family only - no friend groups.​

  • No modeling experience necessary.

  • You will receive the digital downloads of the final, fully edited photos from the series once editing is complete.

  • You must be fully available evenings May 20th, 2018 - May 26th, 2018. Times for prep and shooting are approximately 4pm-9pm on those dates. A more detailed schedule will be released once registration is closed. Not everyone will shoot on every day. 

  • There are NO refunds under any circumstances.

  • Registration closes Saturday, February 17, 2018. We WILL cut off registrations if we feel numbers are getting too high. There will be a warning before this happens.

  • The roles will be cast and we will be photographing Harry Potter’s most memorable moments throughout books 5-7. We will be casting after registration is closed. 

  • By booking, you understand that a role will be chosen for you through a casting process by Dual Edge Photography and you will not be able to receive a refund, should you not like your role. 

  • Please email a head shot and a full body shot to info@dualedgephotography.com after booking to assist the casting process. Please include your name(s) in the body of the email. Photos do NOT have to be professional (even phone photos are fine).

  • Dual Edge Photography will be providing many of the props and costumes involved. The costumes you will need to provide yourself are jeans, a sweater, and shoes if cast as a student. Adults MAY be asked to provide dress pants, dress shoes, and possibly a black dress shirt, depending on the role. 

  • Once booked, you will get a link to join our Facebook group for the series, where we will discuss details as we plan, as well as show picture examples of the style of sweater/shoes we are looking for. 

  • You will be sent a portrait contract to be signed after registration closes.

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