We are Chelsea and Adam - a wildly passionate, free-spirited, husband and wife photography duo devoted to creating high-end, fine art wedding, boudoir, portrait, and lifestyle photography. We strive to give our clients an unparalleled experience as well as top of the line quality and products. Our photography is recognized, published, and awarded for our artistic and unique fine art style and we simply and purely love every second of what we do. We can't wait to meet you!


It's not Christmas until I've watched Die Hard. I want to travel the world before I die - especially New Zealand. I am DOWN with Game of Thrones. I think Play Station 4 is better than X Box One any day and I kick ass in Borderlands. My drink of choice is a Grateful Dead. Going to the movies is 100 times better than watching one at home. I like adventure - skydiving, riding ATVs, kayaking, bungee jumping...all of it.

Professional Photographers

Based out of Rhode Island


I'm a dreamer, Disney World go-er, video game player, book reader, tequila drinker, and adventurer. Dragon Age? Skyrim? Hell yes. I hug my two dogs at least once an hour. I'm obsessed with the story of Peter Pan and will always consider myself one of the "lost boys". Or Tink. She's got some major personality. If I'm not watching anime, I'm watching some documentary about the universe and outer space...or aliens. I love me some aliens. ;)